Spiritual Center of the Desert

We also like to think of ourselves as THE SANCTUARY OFF EL PASEO—A peaceful place for prayer, meditation, reflection and a step away from the busy everyday world.

The Spiritual Center of the Desert is the first church built in Palm Desert, CA.  It was built in 1943 and is a historical landmark and was former President Eisenhower’s church when he would come to the valley and stay in his desert home. The building was acquired by Dr. Tom Costa in 1973.  At that time it was known as Religious Science Church of the Desert and later became Center for Spiritual Living Palm Desert.  The focus has been on  teachings of the Science of Mind by Dr. Ernest Holmes and New Thought philosophies.  

Dr. Joe Hooper carried on Dr. Tom’s vision for over 20 years until his retirement in May 2021.  Our Spiritual Center has been serving the desert community for 50 years.  

We welcome ALL people from ALL faiths and backgrounds.   Our mission statement is “Changing lives one heart at a time.”

Unveil the Fascinating History that Led to the Creation of Science of Mind, one of the most life-changing spiritual systems in the Universe.