What We Believe

There is a power for good in the Universe and we can use it because we are it. We believe that to the degree we are able to change our core beliefs — thereby changing our thoughts — we are able to change our lives.

There is One Power, the power of Love, which we call God. It is found within all people everywhere and is the substance of all things past, present, and to come.

There is a law that responds to our thinking in direct proportion to our belief. This is the Law of Cause and Effect.


How We Use It

Our main teaching comes from Dr. Ernest Holmes, author of “The Science of Mind.” He said, “The Science of Mind does not necessarily create a new religion or sect, for it may be added to any spiritual system of thought since it is a complement to all.”

In a world where all people celebrate Oneness, it is not necessary for everyone to agree to the same ideology or philosophy, or even religion, for that matter.  Rather, we celebrate diversity and the many walks of life that all lead to the same place, a peaceful coexistence where sincere respect and unconditional love are the tenets of life.






What It Does

When we live our lives from a place of love we become an energetic match to everything we want that already exists in the quantum field.

At Spiritual Center of the Desert, our goal is to create a safe and sacred place where an individual can discover his or her own spiritual path and personal purpose in life.